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GoPro Hero+ LCD - new camera form San Mateo! GoPro Hero+ LCD
GoPro extends its offer for a new Hero+ LCD. New product consists of a HD recording unit and for the very first time LCD screen.As you can imagine GoPro Hero+ LCD received a water, dirt, snow and shock proof case. An intuitive touchscreen is very to use and gives advantage of shoot review...
Surfing - 30 seconds of wave riding! Surfing - thirty seconds of wave riding!
True surfers never give up and for the whole life are looking for the "Holy Grail" of waves. Some parts of the World are more wave-prone than others and some can even guarantee the weather - if you can get there before the monsoon season. For those who wants to try balancing on the...
No scuba gear? Hold your breath for freediving! Freediving - underwater diving without apparatus
August 1961, Sicily sound. Enzo Maiorca is getting ready to break diving record without apparatus. On his way down he aim for 50 meters. All air he got is as much as he could hold in his lungs, but apart from the air he takes something else with him into the depth - a mind full of thoughts. After...
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