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GoPro Hero+ LCD - new camera form San Mateo! GoPro Hero+ LCD
GoPro extends its offer for a new Hero+ LCD. New product consists of a HD recording unit and for the very first time LCD screen.As you can imagine GoPro Hero+ LCD received a water, dirt, snow and shock proof case. An intuitive touchscreen is very to use and gives advantage of shoot review...
Incredible people, incredible achievements Incredible people, incredible achievements
In some people's dictionary there are no such words as danger, fear or hesitation. Many of daredevils like to play with fire and if it's not enough - they're quite enjoying it!Adrenaline rush and excitement coming with extreme sports it's what they need to feel alive. However some more than the...
Incredible people, incredible accomplishments Incredible people, incredible accomplishments
It is not a secret that for some people words such as danger, fear, apprehension does not exist. But also there is a number of maniacs for which playing with fire is just not enough. Those goes far beyond the red thin line of 'reasonable safety' and it seems like they are having quite a good fun...
Roberta Mancino - the most extreme woman in the World Roberta Mancino - the most extreme woman in the World
A lady of steel? It seems like it! Roberta Mancino - the most extreme woman in the World. Top model in her daily job, thrill seeker after hours. That pretty girl from Italy has set three World records in skydiving with over 8,500 jumps, while four completely naked. Won several awards and has...
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