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Smoothini - born to be magic!

02/06/2015 | by Matt Altham | Tags: Show Artist Smoothini Magic Tricks Got Talent
Smoothini is a 33-year-old illusionist from San Diego. World heard about him for the first time during last year American edition of Got Talent where he won the hearts of public and the jury by showing his "magic tricks". He also as a one of the first performers managed to fully engage jury in is fantastic tricks with cards, balls, salt and drink that have left everyone’s stunned!
Smoothini no doubt has a great talent which he proved during the show. Of course he received "all four yeses" and got through. For sure his future shows will prove to be even more exciting. His light approach to stuns and finesse he present truly makes him a "born magician".
Just can't wait to see his next performance!


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Smoothini - born to be magic!

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