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Shooting gangsta's style - know how

Gangsta shooting
19/06/2015 | by Matt Altham | Tags: Got Talent Shooting Gangsta Know How
1920 America's gangsters followed unwritten rules and despite their “job” were far from noble managed to gain some respect (if not to say fear). Nowadays “gangstas” are more like a bunch of loud thugs swinging Stanley blades. But, now and then some of them might get him a real deal tool to show off and if a bullets comes as a part of a deal, it might be a time to learn how to use it.
On the clip a gangsta style shooting school. To prove him candidate cannot afford to aim like a rookie. Instead of single shot to target it’s better to empty entire jacked straight away making bullets fly around the neighbourhood, mind the bystanders!
Keep gun high and horizontal with good gangsta posture are the basics every wannabe have to learn. Don't forget to hold on to balls (literally) that also helps to keep pants in place. No reputable homie can afford to flash his manhood while on the mission...

So if you have some unfinished business and decide one day to sort it out and "be a man" you know the way to present yourself to gain the respect...
Gangsta shooting Gangsta shooting Gangsta shooting


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Shooting gangsta's style - know how

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